Depex Detergent Powder

Depex Bleach

Depex Detergent Powder

Depex Detergent Powder improved formulation (for regular and handwash) contains powerful cleaning properties that provide great laundry results in one wash.

  • Variant: Colour
  • Packaging: 100g, 150g, 750g, 2.3kg, 3.8kg

  • Variant: White
  • Packaging: 150g, 750g, 2.3kg, 2.7kg, 3.8kg, 4.5kg


  • Effectively remove stubborn stains
  • Long lasting freshness
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maximum cleaning effect
Our Brands:
  • Depex
  • Lonkey
  • Kiraw
  • Pipit
  • Toman
  • Liso