Kiyo Laundry Capsule Detergent


Kiyo Laundry Capsule Detergent

Sun Jiang’s first latest innovations on three-chambers laundry capsule, KIYO ultimate laundry capsule with an innovative look, feel and performance. This latest innovation three-chamber liquid packet form in an ultra-convenient, cleans, fight stains, fabric care, anti-bacterial and colour protection. The best overall cleaning experience ever via a combination of great design, performance, and convenience.

  • Variant: Uplifting Sakura
  • Packaging: Soft pack 3x18g, Soft pack 16x18g, Box 20x18g


  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Stain fighter
  • Fabric care
  • Color protection
  • Suitable for any type of washer and high efficiency machines (HE)
  • Each convenient packet is pre-measured, so it is simple to use and consistently delivers trusted KIYO cleaning performance
  • High concentration liquid laundry capsule using Japan Technology Water Soluble Membrane which dissolve in hot and cold water
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