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OEM Services

This service is available for any party who wish to establish their own HOME BRAND of products. For the time being, the OEM products are limited to selected Home Care items.

Distribution Services

With years of establishment in FMCG Malaysia, SUN JIANG has the right network for most of the FMCG products. The network has already included most of the FMCG key players within Malaysia. For example, Lotus’s, Giant, Cold Storage, AEON, Aeon Big, 99Speedmart, Econsave, Mydin and others are part of the network. Through us, you can channel your products into the FMCG market in short time. We will work together to grow the sales with your right marketing plan and support.

Merchandising Services

In Modern Trade Business, merchandising is playing a very important role. The most important thing is a good merchandising work will reduce product Out Of Stock (OOS) situation that is crucial for sales growth. It will increase the product in-store presence at its designated display areas. The products will not be kept in store’s back room. Merchandising is particularly important for product with short display life span such as Food & Beverage, Perishable, Frozen.

The key of these items are First In, First Out (FIFO). Hence, it is important to have a regular team to cross check. In addition, the Merchandising services will provide assistance to setup up additional display other than normal homeshelves. A team of Merchandising is important. SUN JIANG is offering this services to any party who wish to have such services but without the trouble to handle the manpower at effective cost through its subsidiary.

Our Brands:
  • Depex
  • Depex Brite
  • Depex Gold
  • Kiyo
  • Lonkey
  • Lonkey
  • Pipit
  • Toman
  • Toman
  • Tina
  • Liso
  • Bin Bag
  • Libi
  • BD
  • Catzilla